Name: The magnus archives

Type of media: Podcast

Gerne: Horror

Made/Written by: Rusty Quill and Jonny Sims

Sister Media: The Magnus Protocol

Status: Finished

Personal rating:10/10

Favorite character: Overall i love Micheal Distortion. The utter ambiguity of their actions until the minute Jon is no longer useful to them, Sasha's statement introducing them, THE REVEAL OF HOW THEY BECAME AN AVATAR OF THE SPIRAL!!! It's all so good. If i Had to pick a lead person though, I do adore Jon and Martin.

Favorite Episodes and My thoughts (I Have a Lot Bare With Me)
(Click To View Summary!) List will continue when I finish my relisten

Favorite Entity: Bro, Although I am an avatar of the eye, I gotta say; The Stranger and the spiral gotta be my faves


Major character breakdowns
  • Jon Sims:
  • Martin Blackwood:
  • Tim Stoker:
  • Sasha James:
  • Elias Bouchard/Jonah Magnus:
  • Basira:
  • Alice "Daisy" Tonner:
  • Melanie King:
  • Georgie Barker:
  • Gertrude Robinson:
  • Annabelle Cane:
  • Gerard "Gerry" Keay:
  • Jurgen Leitner:

My Review:

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