Since joining this community, I've had a lot of fun designing and breathing life into a bunch of silly little guys. I usually mainly focus on my main/truesona sylvie (the rabbit mascot of this site!) but I plan to use this page to give the proper amount of love these little critters deserve :)
You're a bit early so please pardon the mess!


(Art By TonyFinchGhost)


5aint (Saint)

Tee Hee

Pronouns: She/Her

Species: Screech


Theme song: ET by ToyBox and Sunny Days from Sesame Street

Sona Type:

Suit Status: None

Optional parts of their design: Hoops around shoulders and hips

Must Include:

Unique features: Portal tummy! (If active it glows, if inactive it's just standard), star marking on back, uniquely shaped ears

General Info: Based On one of my favorite Sesame Street live characters, Tee Hee is a strange little creature hailing from the planet Crayon!

Ref Sheet

Theodore Bluebell

Pronouns: they/he/fae/bug

Species: Tooth Fairy/Moth


Theme song: Dream a dream and see from the orignal Fraggle Rock

Sona Type: Comfortsona

Suit Status: None

Optional parts of their design:

Must Include:

Unique features:

General Info:

Ref Sheet